What makes a good member?

We're looking for well adjusted people who listen to and respect others. While having experience in our games is welcome, it's in no way required. Aspiring members should make an effort to attend the weekly operations, be accountable for their actions, and generally have a good sense of humor.

This should be the name you use in game
Knowing this helps our recruitment team
You can be as specific as you like
Please join our Discord server so that we can contact you about your application
Please provide a link to your Steam account. You can do this by going to Steam > Your Name > Right-Click > Copy Page URL
Arma - Saturday at 1800 Zulu
DCS - Sunday at 1800 Zulu
Give us a short description of your experience with the game, what mods you've used etc
Tell us a bit about yourself and how you think you would contribute as a member
The more you write the better! This part is very important. Sharing a bit about yourself goes a long way - we're not looking for one-liners